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Estate Planning Strategies

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."     ~Henry Ford

Is your legacy properly protected?

Is your legacy properly protected?

Having a will or trust does not necessarily mean that all of your estate planning goals will be met. One of the most impactful relationships that our clients establish is the link between our team as their financial advisor, and the person that they have chosen as their estate planning attorney. By linking the two parties together you can ensure:

Your assets are titled properly to meet your transfer goals.

We can work together to plan for the most cost effiective way to pass on your assets.

We can work with you to utilize funds while you are living in a manner that is consisten with your asset transfer goals.

Both parties will be able to more effectively assist when the time comes to enact the provisions of your legacy planing.

The last is probably the most important impact this communication provides. We have seen our clients able to transition to life without their spouse, or for trustees or loved ones to transition without their parent or relative in a much more simple manner by having their legal and financial teams on the same page.

Don't know where to begin?

This brochure (link below) is a great tool to begin organizing your financial assets in a concise format. While this could take some time to complete and you will not likely have all of the information the first time through, it prompt you to all of the right questions that you should be asking.

Family Love Letter - Estate Planning Tool

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